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We are an Irish portal for people who want to buy or sell homes and land overseas.


About us

MB-RanchAgencies.com was established to assist in the purchase or sale of Property around the World.  It is a privately owned web site .

   We intend to achieve our goal : by providing our contributers with unlimited service and adequate space to inform our visitors about the properties for sale etc,.

    And to our visitors we will give them current and good information sourced from qualified and reputable people .

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The Seller :

As a Seller or Developer you are welcome to send the details of your Properties or Lands to us for publication and promotion.

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The Buyer :
  Through this site and the other sites you will be able to inform yourself about locations, homes and the process involved before commitment of any kind.

You may also contact the sites featured for further information or assistance in your search for your Property.
  Secondly by selecting established Developers and Real Estate agents in a number of locations we give you the opportunity to contact Sellers about the purchase of a Home or Land .
   The Realtors / Estate Agents will assist you to Plan your Home purchase or Investment. You may make an enquiry directly ,or to us requesting details of a development etc,.

It is our intention to serve the needs of the property buyer in our selected locations , giving them choice and information compiled by us from a variety of Realtors / Agents and Developers

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eMail: info@mb-ranch.com or mbragencies@msn.com



This web site is not responsible for any incorrect information on any site we link to.
Information you receive should always be verified . Make sure it is relevant and up to date.
Using this web site you are accepting it is only an information portal and no promise or guarantee is implied.

The purpose of the site is to assist you in your search for knowledge about buying property  To help you go about selecting a property or location. We will work to have all your questions answered in as much detail as possible

This Web Site has been compiled in good faith by MB RanchAgencies(owner), and you agree that MB RanchAgencies will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss arising from the use of the information and material contained in this site. Or any incorrect links etc., to your  Web Site / Properties.

It is only an aid .





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 You are welcome to  utilise this web site Free and promote your Property and Business.

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  ***Properties from around the World******Properties from around the World******Properties from around the World******Properties from around the World***