***Properties from around the World***

***Properties from around the World***

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 FAQ's  &  Information Buying / Selling  


  Please bear with me if I don't have your answer here.  If unable to get a Qualified answer I may get you a *Googlified one ( *sourced on the Web ).

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Q: Is it true I will save money going direct to the builder to buy ?
A: No , You will not save any money because if a builder gives you a house cheaper than the list price they will loose all their sales agents.

Also if you need help or advice the builder will not have time to attend to you !

Q: Why use a Realtor / Agent
A: .For Buyers a knowledgeable Agent or Realtor can help sort a lot of the selection problems . Determining how much you wish to spend will help you focus on properties in your range. They know the pros and cons of each location and Developer. Your buyer representative for the location can shop for you and get the information you need to make your decision.

Q: What other costs on top of the purchase price can I expect?
A: Normally you should allow an additional 10% plus on top of the purchase price for legal and notary fees, Land Registry, VAT or Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty. Your lawyer will give you a detailed estimate as part of his quotation. If you’re considering a mortgage, the bank may charge an arrangement fee and the cost of a survey.

Q: What if the builders run into major problems and can’t finish the property?
A: In a lot of locations your money is bank guaranteed. However the days when this kind of thing used to occasionally happen is very much a thing of the past. New Spanish and EU laws have been in place for years now to protect the interests of the purchaser.

In the USA you money is in Escrow until the Closing is signed and you get keys.

Always ask the question

Q: Should I use a solicitor from my own country?
A: This is not at all necessary, as your lawyer back home would still have to use a local Spanish lawyer resulting in you receiving two sets of legal bills. All communications from your Spanish lawyer will be in your own language.

You may if you wish.

Q: If asked to hand over money WHAT SHOULD I DO ?

A:   It is most important your Deposit / Booking payment goes into a legal account not to the Builder / Developer. 

 In the USA the money is placed in an Escrow Account.. it goes to the Seller with a Mortgage amount when you sign the Closing Contract.   If paying cash  the money transfers to seller on Closing.

Q: Is there a building guarantee with a new property?
A: New properties have a 10-year guarantee very similar to the NHBC guarantee . Although this type of guarantee has been compulsory in many Northern European counties for many years, it only became compulsory in Spain within the last 8/9years. Most things we buy in this world have a guarantee, so it obviously makes sense to have a guarantee on such a large investment as a property....The Builder is responsible for at least the first year in most cases.

Q: What are community fees?
A: Community fees apply for properties that have the benefit of services such as a swimming pool, 24hr security, up-keep of gardens and general maintenance.

Home.Owners.Association in the USA

Q: Is the property freehold?
A: Yes in most cases....It should be your FIRST question

Q: Can I get a mortgage?
A: Yes, they are readily available and mortgage rates in Spain are generally lower than most European Countries. But the fee can be high

Q: I’m buying a new property, will I be able to inspect it before it's complete?
A: Absolutely! With a new property, before you instruct your lawyer / (escrow in the USA ) to complete the purchase, we will inspect the property with you and detail anything that might need putting right. Once rectified to your satisfaction, the title deeds can be signed.

Q: Do I have to be here for each stage of the legal process?
A: No. You can instruct your lawyer to act on your behalf, even for the final completion.

Q: What if I change my mind before completion?
A:  You are committed to the Private Purchase Contract but (back in the early2000's ) some people sold their new property before completion and benefited from profits of up to 30% on the money they initially invested!       NOT ANY MORE since the  drop in Prices and Demand.  If you have money and want to invest  you need to be very careful.

U S A is not the same

Q: After my enquiries will I get emails on a regular basis
A:  No. One or two replies may be sent out to inform you to seek further information regarding your query from another reliable source .  If you need to,you may contact us for more information.

You may phone or fax also ++353 4755901

   UPDATING at present


  Las Vegas NV.
Q: Loan applications and other forms require Social Security Numbers - SSN. I don't have one.

Apply for a I.T.I.N. - Individual Tax Identification Number can be applied for - see form W-7 Instructions this is what you need, however we used our Passport .Number and our own S.S.N. / R S I Tax No.. The I.T.I.N. Number is a big help.

http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/iw7.pdf Instructions

http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw7.pdf Form

Q: Can I get a mortgage in Las Vegas?
A: Yes. But it is a bit slower than home; also keep records of money transfers as you will be asked to account for the deposit etc. (Money Laundering Prevention rules).
It is important to let your Broker / Lender know that you are a foreign national.
Q: Where would you recommend me to buy in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is expanding so fast and I don't know a lot of it. But I like the West and Southwest, Henderson in the Southeast and for retirement Sun City Anthem.
For Luxury, Spanish Trails on Tropicana West and Lake Las Vegas are just two out of at least four excellent communities.

The standard in Las Vegas New Home Communities is very good.

Q: Are the properties Freehold?
A: Yes. But do take care as some older homes may not be; and always ask that question. Also, manufactured homes are often Lease Land, which to our way of thinking is Leased.
Q: Are the homes near the Strip?
A: Most new developments are minimum 35 to 45 minutes away. Watch for New Beltway 215. It is a ring road good for going from East to West and avoids Downtown.
There is a good Public Bus Service and even 45 minutes or more from the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) you still have a wonderful Casino / Hotel near-by.
Q: Is the cost of living high?
A: A difficult question because we all have various standards. However, you can eat out in local food places for as little as $10 per person for an evening meal and in quality food places near the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) where the sky is the limit from $35 . Most of the hotels offer Buffets at an average of $12 per person.
The supermarkets are good value (compared to Dublin) and other stores are very good e.g. Wal-Mart etc.
Q: What other attractions are there in Las Vegas (should I need them)?
A: Of course you will need them if you are there for six months or more a year.
Golf, Boating, Fishing, beautiful Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston are just some of the other places to visit and enjoy while in Las Vegas.
Q: W ill a builder sell direct
A: Some builders have a sales agent who makes a living at that location ,and that agent will rely on other agents to bring in clients, so a builder will send you to him...

Gaeilge, Espanol and Francais Translations

.....or scroll down

Q: Are the Legal requirements different to Europe in the USA

A good question , I can't answer clearly.

I will point out that this is very important at the early stage of your selection , Because there are more difference between some of the European Countries than between USA and Europe. The Agents or their web sites will have this information and you should study it!

The selling and buying details vary between countries.


How much do I have to pay the Buyer Representative


Nothing. The Agents get their fee from the Sellers agent. See more questions below
Q: If I am buying land who do I talk to or how will I know what is good.

Talk to the agent and ask him for the Local planning phone numbers, ask about Access ,Water , Electricity and get information form any source available. Click here to see an example of what you should expect from a Quality Realtor.

Q: What do I have to do to avail of free Buyer Representation ?

Just contact your choice of Agent first. It is not possible to agree a purchase and then introduce a Representative. If you do end up in discussion with a seller always inform them your Rep. [ give their name ] will be in touch.


What is the land in Arizona like, will grass grow,can it be used for Fruit or vegetables


I am told anything will grow out there if you water it.

There is a Citrus farm close by, and you have your own Joshua Trees on some parcels.

It does get hot in the Summer so you will need a well or large water tanks for to grow fruits.


Are the Homes in Arizona as good as Las Vegas


I would say yes, but I did not get the opportunity to look around as many Homes as I have done in

Las Vegas or California.

Building codes / standards are good.

Q: How will I know a good Builder / Developer

Anywhere in the WORLD you face this question ,so rely on your agent and shop around a number of Builders. Ask them to educate you on their construction process and you will get to know a bit about what to look for. In any event get information form any source available.  In my opinion Some of the codes for Condos could be better !


Can I buy Land with a friend or relative.



Yes, in fact a number of Parcels are in various names. You will be joint owners, and split the Parcel after the sale. eMail mem for more info



  ***Properties from around the World******Properties from around the World******Properties from around the World******Properties from around the World***
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